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If you enjoy travelling and see yourself as an adventurer and explorer inside, then you are at the right place to start. With our website, you can independently prepare for a journey of your dream and discover information about the most interesting and exciting places to visit. This will help you to find exactly what you want, fulfilling yourself with new and unforgettable experiences and emotions.

With the quick flow of coherent information, smart tourism will enable hotels, museums and visit-centers to understand your needs and desires. We will also be controlling that you get only the information you need in the format that will be easy to understand.

What is Smart Tourism?

Smart Tourism (or e-Tourism) is when all you need to travel, including preparation, is connection to the internet, be that PC, laptop, or smartphone.

Smart tourism is simply the process of getting touristic services through the internet, on any language, in any part of the world. The aim of the touristic organizations becomes to make their services accessible and easy to use.

How to prepare a journey without going out of your house?

Nowadays, you can find and buy tickets anywhere: for the flight, to visit museum or any event, book a hotel you like.

Of course, there are plenty of organizations offering such services. However, our website puts together the recommended partners, checked to be trusted leaders of their areas of specialty and recognized to be the most reliable providers of their services.

* Reveal of Information. The links to our partners direct you to their websites to search for entertainments, flight tickets and hotels. If you buy or book anything, we get the reward from our partner. It does not mean that you pay them or us any extra. The price is exactly the same as if you would be using their website directly.

                                   What to visit?


GetYourGuide — the biggest online-cashier for selling tickets to concerts, museums, tours and other types of entertainment. Use this website to search for places and event to visit, and if you like to buy your tickets as well. The website operates in 23 languages, including Russian. Buy your ticket now and do not waste time in the queue!

                                   Where to stay?

Booking.com — the largest online service to find and book hotels around the world. Find the hotel that suits you the best with the star-rating system, convenient location search and price range filter. Find the widest reliable feedback from previous happy and, more importantly, unhappy customers. Sometimes you even get the option to book without any prepayment needed!

                      How to fly where you want?

Jetradar — search system for flight tickets. The system is easy to use and offers you to choose from a variety of different airlines, flying to your destination. If you like any option, you can buy it straight away. You can also benefit from additional filters to compare tickets by the length of the flights, flying in different dates or to different destinations. View the convenient map and calendar of the lowest prices. Finally, you can subscribe to the price-drop of the tickets to your destinations! This way you will receive e-mail if the tickets become cheaper.


We do not recommend anyone to go for a travel without an insurance. Anything can happen during your trip. Almost all insurance companies have websites, easy to use, where you can buy your travel insurance. Simply search on the internet and you will easily find one that suits you.


It is common that you require visa to visit many countries. This sometimes scares potential travelers. However, internet makes it easy once again. Embassies of all countries provide all information required for their visa online, including rules and application forms. Just find the embassy website and you will be able to fill in the form online and to book an appointment for formal visa application. Some countries even approve visas online.

How to manage a good trip without guides, translators and maps?

During your travel, you can easily cope without guide, translator or a map, just by using your smartphone instead. To do this you just need to download three free applications on your smartphone.

There is a countless number of applications for travelling, but we recommend the ones that are tested by millions of tourists, trusted around the world, free and, very importantly, are able to work without connection to the Internet.

To download for IOS platform – Apple iPhone – use Appstore.

To download for other smartphones on Android – use Google play.


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Advice note: To download these applications, open this webpage on your smartphone. Scan QR-code on the left using your smartphone or just type “centersmarttourism.com” in the search box on your phone.

                  Your personal guide “izi.TRAVEL”

Izi.TRAVEL transforms smartphone in audio-guide or robot-guide that works in many cities and museums around the world, telling you stories about attractions and exhibits on your language. You can easily find direction with built-in electronic map.

                    Personal map “Google maps”

Google maps displays electronic map on your smartphone, which fully substitutes paper map. It is much easier to use as it shows your current location, rating of chosen objects and reviews from other people. It also displays the quickest directions and, sometimes, even advises you on the traffic and gives different public transport options. It allows you to save places by their name or address. If you wish, you can also use it to track your path, recording all your movement. 

            Universal translator “Google Translate”

Google Translate replaces paper dictionaries and translators. It operates in almost all languages in the world. For some languages, it has a feature of verbal translation and translation from images. For convenience, we also recommend you to learn 10-20 words of the language you might need in the country of destination.

How to get familiar with smart tourism?

If you are struggling with the usage of any of the presented websites or applications, you can easily learn that in our free academy.


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How does smart tourism help to save the environment?

Smart Tourism contributes to sustainable development and responsibility of the area of tourism, replacing paper maps, dictionaries and guidebooks by electronic analogs, cutting out unnecessary usage of printed copies. This reduces the usage of paper in the hospitality services and expenses on printing and delivering these products.

Find more about our ecological initiative:

Other services of Center Smart Tourism

Our center helps museums and cities to digitalize excursions and touristic attractions. We produce audio-guides on the izi.TRAVEL platform. Any tourist can download these on his/her smartphone. For this, we have created a studio of audio-guides.

Visit studio:

Apart from this, we consult and educate museums and touristic organizations with the fundamental concepts of internet marketing. We also perform research in a variety of directions in the area of tourism.

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